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Camilo Nova

Camilo Nova is a software engineer with a strong foundation in logic and math. His passion for computer science, psychology, and finance drives his work. An avid reader, he has deepened his business strategy and history knowledge. Despite his engineering background, he's inspired by stoicism, art, and traveling the world.

Camilo's journey with tech began at age fourteen when he taught himself programming on a Linux computer. His robust programming skills in C++, Pascal, Java, and Python allowed him to build products used by millions. He has personally invested over a million dollars in multiple companies and has been recognized for his work on open-source software, product design, and business impact.

Furthermore, Camilo firmly believes the future of humanity depends entirely on algorithms in a world where people are free to work from anywhere. Currently, he serves as the Axiacore CEO, where they grow companies using technology. He lives in Austin, Texas.

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