Why big cities are deprecated

Photo Credit: David Berkowitz

Why big cities are deprecated

Some time ago people were moving from small cities to big ones, they were chasing better jobs, families changed all they lifestyle and traditions to match the city.

Back then seems like a good idea to move from small places to big cities, but seems this is not the case anymore.


This sucks big time, every big city has problems with transportation, having millions of people living close is a mess.

Somehow I learn at very young age it’s better to live near your work, you must can go to walking work in no more than 30 minutes, the less time you take, the better. If you don’t walk and ride a bike, you can save at least 50% of your traveling time and you don’t have to worry about public transportation.

Living nearby your work is usually impossible, mainly because of higher costs of rent and small places with lots of noise, it is very hard to find an affordable place where you can be confortable living in.

So, if you can’t live nearby your workplace it is possible you are suffering from traffic rigth now.


Best jobs are in the big cities. As time go by, companies and business are concentrating in special areas of the cities, usually you will find a financial zone, technology zone, fashion zone, etc, in a big city. This makes people compete for the best jobs in the best companies so they are forced to work in this special areas.

A planned city should not allow especial zones and work concentration in single areas, it is best if the city is planned not to have a lot of people concentrated into smaller zones.


If you have a family, living in a big city is a pain in the ass, you have to spend a lot of time preparing your kids for school and also to meet you work schedule, you barely have time to see your kids at nigth so you miss this special moment to spend time with them.


Actually older people living in big cities are planning to retire to smaller cities, then want to leave as soon as possible to a cheaper and quiet place, they don’t have the need of a job, they can live from their retirement savings. I can bet if you have enough money to live without working you will live outside a big city not thinking much about it.

There are for sure more issues with big cities, and also there are a lot of advantages as well, what I can see rigth now is people with high income salaries are starting to realice life is short, so I better spent it living peacefully, and this people are always looking for ways to live in smaller cities and work remotely.