Products versus Services

No one is really happy on what they have, thats human nature, and thats why we are always moving our frontiers, we are never fully satisfied and that explains why companies who sell services are looking into sell products, and companies who sell a product are looking into sell services.

From what I can tell mid-age (3-5 years old) companies are looking to extend their customer base and diversify income stream in order to get a more stable growt rate. This leads to think about different ways to do business and to lose some focus on your daily operations, taking you into different situations.

Losing focus

Having a lot of stuff to think on a daily basis is bad. Makes you fill your time with a lof of noise from things that are not important, things that will no matter in a few years, so you must have to choose what kind of things are you going to do which are going to worth in a few years.

Focus is the best thing that can happen to you, make sure you don’t lose it.

Wasting momentum

Energy and time are limited resources, so when you are putting this resources into something else, you are taking them out from other places, places like your main business. Once you find your customer base and the problem you are solving you must take advantage, as much as you can, from it, this is an special opportunity you have there, so make no mistakes, make sure all your resources are going to the more important place.

Killing innovation

Once you stop trying new things, you’re dead. Taking safe positions for too long is a bad bet for the future, you have to move always, you have to have hunger, you must have ambition, otherwise you are just sitting there waiting to see the end of the show.

At the end, there is no proven formula to success, you must take some decisions and deal with the consecuences.