Every superhero needs a villain

Every kid wants to be a superhero most of the time, but how can you become into one?

When making something different you will prove some people are wrong about what they think, there are few friends willing to help you on that, is not popular, and certainly you will find plenty of enemies in the way, at the end, most of the new great ideas sounds very stupid, so why bother wasting time with some random guy?

I have been there, trying to convince someone another way to do things, is not easy because no one believes in you, and somehow you must go over it and make your own way proving you are correct, otherwise you are being defeated without even fight.

Making something new requires a lot of hard work, it requires a lot of motivation. What I think the best motivation of all is when someone does not believe in you, someone who does not think you are capable of achieving great things, or simply thinks you are a waste of their time.

Those who not believe, are the perfect villains for a superhero.

In this situation you have the perfect environment to prove others your idea is correct. Fighting against other points of view requires you to fight many battles, but if you are strong enough and your idea is certainly correct, you will have a lot fun winning all the fights.

The best motivation will come from prove them wrong, that’s the best superpower you can get.

Becoming yourself a person who fight for what you think is correct, works hard, and makes something no one could think was possible, makes you a true superhero.

So if you want to do something, find the best villains for you and challenge yourself to prove them wrong.