12 Tips about raising kids

Photo Credit: Pawel Loj

12 Tips about raising kids

Here there are 12 ways for being a bad parent for your kids:

1. Make sure your kid goes to bed at a fixed time

Be a reponsable adult and send your kid to sleep at night. Do not ask if your kid wants to go to bed, just say it and make it happen.

It can be hard at the begining, but at the end, they will understand who is in charge.

2. Don’t reward them too often

Rewards should be given only if there was an effort, this is why they are special. If you give them gifts all the time, they will not going to apreciate it when an special ocassion arrives.

3. Make they pay for their own things

If you want something you must pay for it. This is how life works. Make sure to teach this to your kids, just don’t give them things for free, toys, gadgets, clothes, or other things you have to pay for. If they pay for all they have, it becomes really important, and they will learn the real value of things. Remember, if you don’t want to pay for something, it is because you don’t really want it.

4. Don’t make things easier

Life is not always easy. The school or work in reality is hard because of other people, but at the end you learn how to deal with it. It’s ok to do things you don’t like that much, sometimes you don’t want to go to work, but still you need to, this is called responsability.

5. Make they deal with hard things

You do not resolve things for them, you let they face their own problems to learn how to deal with them. Once you know about your own victories, makes you increase your self-steem and make you more confident about the decisions you make.

6. Teach them to respect time

Your kids are going to be fine if they learn early about time commitments and make time for what they have to do.

7. Don’t give them the best you can get

Teach them to feel grateful about the things they have, no matter if they are not the best ones, or if someone else have a better one, you better teach them not to attach your happiness to this kind of things.

8. Let them lose

If they break something let them take the consecuences, you do not replace it. They will learn how to handle things with care, if they don’t deliver their homework, you let them get a bad note, so let him try to find a solution and make things right. You’re teaching them about how to be responsable for their own things, and do not wait for others to fix their own problems.

9. Make them follow your orders

As your parent you are the only responsible for your kids, so you better take good decisions on how to raise them. If you give an order make them follow, when they will live by their own means they can make their own rules, meanwhile they have to follow yours. If you cannot follow rules, how do you think someone is going to follow the law?.

10. Teach them to apologize

If your kid do something wrong, you teach them to apologize, so they learn respect for the others. Let them handle the consecuences of their own acts.

11. Take care your manners

Life is about how you relate to other people, about how do you treat them with respect and dignity. Teach them to be nice to others all the time, you will never known how others can help you later in your life.

12. Make them work

Let them have as many jobs as early as possible, this will help them to feel useful for others and identify how other people live their lifes.

You will not be the most popular parent, but for sure you will raise and good citizen. Do not forget to encourage and recognize good behavior, make sure you tell they how much you love them. Make sure you are raising someone who can do better things for humanity and leave the world in a better way than before.